4 Wildly Inexplicable Weather Phenomena

The Earth is a truly unique place. Even with advancements in science, there are those inexplicable moments when one cannot wrap their head around what they’ve just experienced. The same can be said for weather. There are rare instances of utter wonder when gazing up at something truly spectacular in the sky. Four of these unusual weather phenomena in particular captivate millions upon viewing these fluky occurrences.

Somewhat similar to its sibling the rainbow, moonbows are as exotic as they are stunningly beautiful. As opposed to the sun illuminating raindrops, the brightness of a moon will light up moisture droplets — hence the appearance of a moonbow. For one to see a moonbow most clearly, a full moon must be present. Duly, the moon must be hanging down low enough in order for its rays to fully connect with the moisture in the air.

Acid rain is a rather strange entity. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are main components within the phenomena. More acidic than normal rain, acid rain will normally act in correspondence with lightning and the presence of volcanic activity. While this rain doesn’t adversely impact humans to a high degree, it can cause issues for infrastructure, animals, heavily wooded areas, and the wildlife in the ocean.

A fire rainbow (also known as a circumhorizontal arc) is wildly stunning. This phenomena is incredibly rare. As such, be sure to digest it fully if lucky enough to witness one in person. Resembling a real-life smearing of a rainbow, this entity occurs when powerful sunlight passes through high-altitude clouds possessing a high number of ice crystals. Light refracts off the crystals — thus allowing for the color to explode. Multiple arcs can appear based upon the size of the cloud and the corresponding weather. On other occasions, it’s as if someone took a rainbow-colored paint and splashed it up on the sky with the help of the world’s biggest paintbrush.

When in search of something beautiful in the sky, look no further than the Aurora Borealis. These mostly occur in Arctic regions, so be sure to pack a heavy coat and gloves. This tremendous scene occurs when the planet’s upper atmosphere meshes together with sun particles. As a result, the sky lights up with the most stunning natural light show.

Natural weather-based phenomena can occur anywhere on Earth. There are some with phenomenal aesthetics, and other presentations looking downright strange. This sort of diversity should be applauded and appreciated — as billions across the globe have a front row seat to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.
Image Source: Jonathan Nackstrand/Getty Images